WANTED: Analytically Savvy Developers

The development of our unique service Zerops - a fully automated platform providing functional infrastructure for web application operators - is no small feat. Which is why we’re looking to expand our dev team. Want to join us in creating a one of a kind, global project?

How we got here

When we started to work on Zerops, we’ve set a single (albeit huge) goal for ourselves: to create an “intelligent”, fully automated cloud platform for web app operators who need quality infrastructure without having to worry about DevOps.

We’ve been working on making that goal a reality for several months now. After thorough experimentation and testing of many products already on the market that could potentially make our development easier, we decided against such compromises. “Easy” is great and all but we want to make sure Zerops comes as close to perfect as possible.

As a result, we’re developing everything from scratch. From the orchestration of containerized infrastructure, autoscaling & autotuning for specific platforms and the operational character of the individual user application to pre-made guidelines for build and deploy. We’re creating a solution that will not only be scalable for clients but for Zerops itself due to the planned expansion to data centers all over the world.

What about AWS?

Most developers don’t want to spend their time trying to figure out how much computing performance their application needs, what type of balancing to select or which autoscaling metrics are best for that given app. Zerops aims to make their lives easier.

Unlike AWS, the unique service we’re building will require none of the endless clicking or consulting with “cloud architects”. Zerops will provide a fully functional infrastructure for a specific app in just a couple seconds, including taking care of most potential operational issues. In short, we’re bringing developers a service with much better usability, automation, and more simplicity overall. We hope you agree that it more than makes up for the less shiny brand name.

Besides providing maximum automation and delivering complexity in the simplest possible way, Zerops allows for a number of technological solutions. For instance, unlike AWS Aurora, we’ll provide true multi-master scaling of relational databases using Galera cluster (and not only one master + replica sets). We’ll enable automatic integration with popular tools such as GitHub, GiLab, BitBucket or even Slack. The comfort of use for developers and maximum automation are our top priorities.

Join our team

20 members of our team are currently working on developing Zerops. The current goal is launching the alpha version this fall but there’s still a lot of work ahead of us. More and more ideas are coming to us and the feature wishlist for future versions grows ever longer. Therefore, we need more analysts on our team that can tackle the hardest tasks and together with developers come up with possible solutions, find hidden issues and limitations, and transform their findings into tasks for developers. Fortunately, we can generate part of the code automatically, directly from the task description itself ;-)

You can find more information about the position here (in Czech).

If you think you have what it takes to tackle such a technologically complex project with us, get in touch with us (feel free to email me directly at damir@vshosting.cz). We can sit down and take a detailed look at the entire project, the type of analytical results we’re looking for and the general approach to our development.

Talk to you soon? :-)

Damir Špoljarič

WANTED: Analytically Savvy Developers
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